Marketing Magazine Names Vitaly Pecherskiy to its 30 Under 30 List

StackAdapt Co-Founder & COO Vitaly Pecherskiy recognized as one of Marketing Magazine's 30 under 30

In it's latest iteration of the 30 under 30 list,  .Marketing Magazine named StackAdapt's Vitaly Pecherskiy as one of Canada's most influential and upcoming marketing professionals. The list is entirely an editorial decision and the team at StackAdapt is proud to have one of its leaders recognized for his vision and work.

From Marketing Magazine's original entry:

Vitaly's not afraid of thinking big and taking the risks necessary to accomplish those big-thinking goals.

Alex Smith, Founder, ContactMonkey

Last year Vitaly Pecherskiy set out on a mission to exploit the intersection of native advertising and programmatic media. He co-founded StackAdapt, a platform for publishers to create custom ad units that match their editorial content and put them up for auction on a real-time ad exchange. The only native programmatic company in Canada, StackAdapt represents 3,000 publishers globally, and has worked on campaigns for Ford, GE and Sport Chek.

“Vitaly’s not afraid of thinking big and taking the risks necessary to accomplish those big-thinking goals,” says fellow Toronto entrepreneur Alex Smith, founder of ContactMonkey. “He’s definitely not risk-averse, and he’s thought a lot about how to grow a business very large.”

StackAdapt originated as Vitaly, together with co-founder and CEO, Ildar Shar, identified industry’s weak points. Web advertising was fundamentally flawed, they agreed – ads weren’t performing, consumers weren’t engaging, and at the end of it all, advertisers just weren’t that interested. The problem was the web’s dominant advertising format – the banner. It’s boring, irrelevant, ignorable. Yet advertisers have come to rely on it as the best way to get large scale for low cost.

Pecherskiy and Shar, together with Yang Han, an engineer who’d just finished working on real-time stock trading technology at Bloomberg created a solution in creating a native ad unit that adapts all its parameters – font, size, colour scheme, even content – to the content around it. Advertisers would submit raw text and images, which would be poured into a template designed by the publisher to match the design of the site.

About StackAdapt

StackAdapt is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and offers a programmatic native advertising technology that helps publishers add another channel of monetization through non-banner advertising. Their cross-platform solution for in-stream responsive ads is built to address realities of the modern web that banner ads have never solved. 

With access to one of the largest native advertising inventory, StackAdapt is a fully RTB (real time bidding) powered platform and a DSP (demand side platform) that helps brands scale content through advanced data targeting. 


Sari Abdo
Director of Marketing